AMU Organizes Successful Thaipusam Health Screening Camp 2019

November 7, 2018
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February 7, 2019

AMU Organizes Successful Thaipusam Health Screening Camp 2019

Johor Bahru, 21st January 2019 – The Sales and Marketing Department of Asia Metropolitan University (AMU) successfully organized a Thaipusam Health Screening Camp for the Indian community in Johor Bahru. The camp was held in three different locations; Kovil Sri Bala Subramaniar, Kovil Sri Subramaniar Paripalana Saba and Kovil Sri Bala Subramaniar (Skudai). Ensuring a smooth event was 13 staff and 45 MBBS students from AMU.

“AMU’s Health Screening opens the opportunity for hands-on learning

The programme aimed to provide basic medical advice. The Organizing committee said the University held such screening camp as a public service because most Malaysians do not undergo regular medical check-ups be it on a monthly or yearly basis. The basic health screening included height and weight check, blood pressure check and cholesterol level check.

MBBS students conducting a health check for free during the free health camp.

This multifaceted programme is in line with the university’s focus on producing graduates that are not only book-smart but are exposed to practice-based learning and hands-on experience. In this way, students are challenged out from their comfort zone as they experience such projects.

From its humble inception in 2004, AMU has grown into a full-fledged university offering a wide range of programmes in Business, Accounting, ICT, Computer Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences from undergraduate to post-graduate levels.

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