Executive MASTERS - Healthcare Management (Dietetics & Nutrition)

This 12-month, non-MQA programme has been developed for working professionals to provide them with industrial skills and knowledge. It is co-delivered by our partner institution, Natural Health Naturopathic Academy (NHNA).

12 Months


Seminars, Online Teaching & Learning


What Will You Learn

  • Introduction to Healthcare
  • Introduction to Pharmacology
  • Management of Medical Inventory
  • Business Communication
  • Healthcare Accounting
  • Health Promotion
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (II)
  • Human Pathology (II)
  • Human Nutrition
  • Diet for Common Diseases

Programme Introduction

This 12-month intensive programme seeks to provide students with the practical skills and knowledge to deliver Dietetics & Nutrition consultancy and administrative functions within a business or an organization. The programme instils leadership qualities to enable our graduates to not just be a competent employee but to showcase self-initiative and leadership traits that would give them the edge.

  • Classes during weekends only
  • 6 modules of healthcare management subjects will be taught by AMU lecturers
  • 6 modules of dietetics & nutrition will be taught by NHNA lecturers

Entry Requirements

This programme only open to alumni of NHNA, applicants must have a minimum of a Diploma by NHNA.


For admission, please contact our partner at:

Renee (+603) 5569 3451 or Carey (+603) 5569 3721,

WhatsApp to (+601) 6336 1669 / (+601) 6225 8567

NHNA website: www.nhna.edu.my



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