Johor Bahru Campus

Expanding its reach to the south of Malaysia, Asia Metropolitan University established its 50 000 square-feet Johor Bahru campus.

The southern campus seeks to be close to the rapidly growing Iskandar regional economic zone while still providing a serene and conducive learning environment away from hectic traffic. The Johor Bahru campus hosts the medical degree programme and other related healthcare programmes which allows the university to leverage on its links with nearby public hospitals thus giving our students critical exposure and experience.

Among its’ many laboratories are the Multi-Disciplinary Lab 1, used mainly for Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology subjects, Multi-Disciplinary Lab 2 which is used during both, Anatomy and Pathology sessions and Multi-Disciplinary Lab 3 used for Physiology and other Pre-Clinical demonstrations. The campus also features its own Anatomy Museum which aids in the teaching and learning of the MBBS programme. The campus also has its very own, one-stop center, namely the Student Resource Centre which is equipped with the latest information technology solutions and updated resources to ease students’ study and research efforts.