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Presentations in STSSS’2022 will be conducted via pre-recorded videos and presenters are required to produce a 15-minute video presentation that will be uploaded to Centre for Research & Development’s YouTube Channel. All the video presentations will be made available for public viewing for 3 days from 5th-7th December 2022. Presenters are also required to submit a soft copy of poster work for the poster presentation. The poster will be made available at Symposium’s FB Page. The selection for the Best Presenter Awards will also be done throughout this period.

The Best Presenter Award for each main track (Science & Technology and Social Sciences) will be announced during the closing ceremony. A tentative with details of the opening/closing ceremonies, and keynote and invited speakers, as well as other relevant information will be shared on the symposium website. The YouTube Channel URL for the video presentation will be made available on the website prior to the conference.

Guidelines for Video Presentation

Each presenter/team is required to prepare only ONE (pre-recorded) video recording of his/her presentation of the research work.

    • 1) The presentation must be done in the English language, EXCEPT for the works in Islamic Studies and/or related field(s).
    • 2) The duration of the presentation video MUST NOT exceed 15 minutes.
    • 3) The presentation MUST use a set of slides (in widescreen format of 16:9) highlighting the significant parts of the research work.
    • 4) The presentation slides can be created using any application (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) that enables users to inclusion of the presenter’s audio recording and explanation and converted into either MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, SVI, MPV, AMV, OGV or .webM format.
    • 5) The contents of the presentation video may include the pertinent parts of the research work such as the Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results & Discussion, Conceptual Framework, Recommendations for Experimentation, Conclusion, References and Acknowledgment. Please choose any that best suits your work.
    • 6) Each presenter must label the video using his/her Paper ID registration number.
    • 7) All presenters are advised to strictly adhere to the guidelines set for the presentation.


The Best Presenter Award for each main track (Science & Technology and Social Sciences)

Guidelines for Poster presentation :

    • 1) The poster should be a clear visual presentation of your research work.
    • 2) Poster can be submitted in PDF format/power point.
    • 3) Presenter can use the template provided (CLICK HERE)
    • 4)Poster can be in landscape/Portrait
    • 5) There will be rubric for the BEST POSTER AWARD
    • 6) The top of the Poster should display the following information : Title of your work, Name(s) of the Author(s) and Affiliation(s)


The Best Poster Presentation Award for each main track (Social Sciences and Science & Technology).


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