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The Faculty of Medicine educates health professionals and life science students from undergraduate to graduate and postgraduate levels to conducting researches in laboratory, clinical settings and at the population and public policy level to improve the health of people.

This faculty is run in the same region with five partner hospitals to provide a broad coverage of the programme structure linking pre-clinical and clinical science subjects for our students to learn. MBBS programme has been vetted and approved by the Malaysian Medical Council and provides equitable access to quality medical education for all. The MBBS programme is offered in Johor Bahru campus.

Prof. Dr. Amaludin Ahmad

Prof. Dr Amaluddin has a vast experience in the healthcare and teaching industry. Over the past years, he served various institutions that helped strengthen and compliment his expertise in the healthcare profession.

He graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and attained post graduate qualifications from Universiti Sains Malaysia (Paediatrics) and University of Warwick, United Kingdom (Child Health). He joined Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences in 2007 as an Associate Professor and Deputy Dean at APER in 2010 until 2012. Prof Amaluddin held several posts at the same time such as Head of Discipline (Paediatrics) and Head of Division (Human Development).

Prof. Amaluddin is the former Vice President for Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) that actively provides aid to needy Muslim communities, both nationally and internationally. He is also a member of various organisations namely, International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect, Malaysia Pediatric Association, Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY), FIMASAC-Fed of IMA and My OHN (One Health) initiative by UPM-USAIDS.

Prof. Amaluddin was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Asia Metropolitan University on May 2015 and continues to provide exceptional teaching experiences for AMU’s medical students. He is confident that AMU’s medical graduates will excel and flourish in the field of medicine not only by serving the Malaysian community but also with a capacity to serve globally.

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