Accreditation & Quality Assurance




Our Programmes

Centre for Foundation, Languages and General Studies (CFLGS) Foundation in Business Studies MQA/FA1537 R2/010/3/007P
Foundation in Science A8668 R2/010/3/0135
Foundation in Information Technology MQA/FA11228 N/482/3/0165
Faculty of Business, Management and Information Technology (FBMIT) Diploma in Business Administration MQA/FA1895 R2/345/4/0271P
Diploma in Accounting MQA/FA10779 N/344/4/0532
Diploma in Information Technology MQA/FA10561 N/482/4/0181
Bachelor of Business Administration MQA/FA1737 R2/340/6/0207
Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) MQA/PA11416 N/344/6/0530
Bachelor of Information Technology MQA/PA 14329 N/482/6/0215
Faculty of Health Sciences Diploma in Healthcare A6719 R/723/4/0147
Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health A7491 R3/862/4/0008P
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Healthcare Management A9630 R2/723/6/0103
Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons) A10078 R2/720/6/0122
Bachelor of Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy (Hons) A9993 R2/725/6/0055
Centre for Postgraduate (CPS) Master of Science in Healthcare Management A9905 R2/720/7/0063
Master in Business Administration (General) MQA/FA2819 N/340/7/0230
Master in Business Administration (Human Resource Management) MQA/FA4567 N/345/7/0880
Master in Business Administration - Open & Distance Learning (ODL) MQA/FA14586 NDL/340//7/0781
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) MQA/FA2966 R/340/8/0247
Doctor of Philosophy in Management (PhD) MQA/FA10029 R/345/8/0324
Doctor of Philosophy MQA/PA15624 N/0417/8/0001
Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Methodology A0866 R/145/7/0012

Quality Assurance

Established in September 2016, the Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA) functions to ensure core business of the University meet the quality standard and compliance requirements as a higher education institution provider. Based on the Quality Policy and Objectives we are driven by activities related to monitoring, reviewing and auditing exercises from internal and external auditor.

AMU is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2008 and now in the midst to upgrade to ISO 9001:2015

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