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About this Course

The highest postgraduate degree in the academic management education that contribute to business theories and further enhance the professional practice

What Will You Learn

  • Advanced management theories
  • Research and analysis of business theories and practices
  • Refine practical experience and insight
  • Combine relevant theories and implement a program to address specific issues

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Course structure

Year 1
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Advanced Economic Analysis
  • International Business
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Advanced Finance
  • Organisational Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Decision Making
Year 2
  • Stage 1 – Identifying and Defining Research Problem & Methodology
  • Stage 2 – Review of Literature
  • Stage 3 – Preparing a Research Proposal
  • Stage 4 – Research Design & Planning
  • Stage 5 – Pilot Study & Refining Research Design
Year 3
  • Stage 6 – Data Collection & Processing
  • Stage 7 – Data Analysis, Interpretations & Writing Draft Chapters
  • Stage 8 – Writing, Completing and Submitting Dissertation
  • Stage 9 – Viva Voce Examination

Entry Requirement

A master’s degree accepted by the HEP Senate;


Other qualifications equivalent to a master’s degree that are accepted by the HEP Senate.

i. No direct entry from bachelors degree level to doctoral degree level.
ii. Candidates with bachelors degree who are registered for master’s degree programmes may apply to convert their candidacy to the doctoral degree programmes within ONE (1) year after master’s degree registration, subject to:

  1. having shown competency and capability in conducting research at doctoral degree level
  2. rigorous internal evaluation by the HEP
  3. approval by the HEP Senate.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT (For International Students Only):

  • Minimum score of 500 for TOEFL or
  • IEL TS Score 6.0

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