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Asia Metropolitan University is an eligible institution to receive students enrolling under various government and private financial assistance programs for dependent students.

Grant and loan amounts are based on several economic and personal factors. Students who are interested can fill out an application in the Financial Aid Office.

If you are enrolled or accepted for enrollment at Asia Metropolitan University, and are a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia, you are eligible to apply for these programs. Remember that grants are gifts, but may have to be repaid. Student loans must always be repaid.


Bursary Awards

Up to 30% Tuition Fee waiver for selected Degree and Diploma programmes.


Foundation Scholarship

Students who wish to enroll for Foundation programmes will be entitled for 100% scholarships and may proceed to further a degree in a related field offered by the University. *T&C applies


AFFIN Education Financing-i

It is a Shariah-compliant scheme designed specially for qualified individuals to obtain financial asisstance for their education plan. Based on the concept of Ijarah, the financing will cover their education programme for a truly seamless study experience.

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